What COVID-19 Changed Environment of Games in 2020


Last year, we could not go out because of COVID-19. I always stayed in my home and see PC monitor all-day. There is no changing in our daily life, so last year was kinds of boring days. However, in the other hand, this situation can be said as opportunity to enjoy my hobbies. Playing guitar, watching youtube, cooking, and playing video games. Video games especially helped me a lot. Thanks for video games, I got some friends and even I earn little money. Therefore, I’m going to talk about what COVID-19 changed environment of games in 2020.

First, I have to talk about Twitch. Twitch is a streaming platform, but this platform has more people who are playing video games. So, in simple words, twitch is “youtube for games”.


Next, I’ll show you this graph. this graph shows transition of twitch users. Can you see this sharp increasing? This point is March 2020, so this increasing of users matches period of COVID-19’s spread. As you see, by COVID-19, users of playing video games and seeing video games are increased.

It can be said as other platform of streaming. Youtube, Openreck, niconico, and milldam also have been more flourishing.

And this gain of gamer population made effect to “Esports”. Esports is not popular in Japan even now, but gradually accepted.

This video is a game of “Rocket league” by Pro players. These pro players make living by playing video games, and these spectators paid money to see this game by pro players.

This research shows that Audience of Esports are get more and more. It is because, Esports have many kinds of events like an Olympic.


Therefore, you can see card game tournament instead of shooting game tournament if you do not like to see.

In those reasons, I believe that game industry grows more and more in future. If I could not go out from home even 2021, I’ll just stay in my home as same as 2020.


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