Why English Proficiency Tests Should Not be Used in Admissions?


  In these days, we can take variety of English tests and many high school students use those tests scores to enter university. By using TOEIC scores to enter university, students can show their reliable scores, can see how much English skills they have easily and can submit his effort to university. However, these merits can be turn to more demerits, so English Proficiency Tests should not be used to enter university.

     English Proficiency Tests is held by reliable organization and foundation. Therefore, students can show their English skills easily and university can check students’ English skills with no mistakes. It is good side of using English Proficiency Tests. Although, these scores are businesslike. Students character could not be considered. Especially essay writing show students’ passion and personality, so it should not be judged same as other questions. If university want to invite students who have creativity and passionate, they should not use English Proficiency Tests.

     Seconds, students can see their English Proficiency Tests’ scores easily unlike university exams. If the student set the border of score, it will be good motivation to study English. In addition, people can English Proficiency Tests many times. Educational Testing Service (2019) says

On average, TOEFL iBT test takers raise their score 6 points when they take the test a second time, and nearly 10 points total when they take it a third time.


In other words, students have many chances to get their higher score. However, these things apply to only rich people. For example, cost to get TOEFL test is about \25000 each time. It can not be cheap. Rich people can take English Proficiency Tests many times, get good scores and use scores to enter university. In other hand, people who have not enough money take those tests once or even can not take. It sounds unfair, so those tests should not be used.

    Finally, university should focus on how students have made an effort. English is not Japanese mother tongue. Therefore, people have to make an effort to get good grade. That way may be easy, also it may be hard. English Proficiency Tests’ scores show their effort as a figure. University can take the figure as ingredients of judge. Although, that figure may be made from strategy, not English skills. Most English Proficiency Tests are already researched, so there are a lot of “Strategy”. In addition, recent teacher and books teach that fact to every student. Therefore, students study that “Strategy” to get good scores at those tests. Perry (2013) says

Overall, TOEFL scores were essentially unrelated to first-term GPA among all new international freshmen and transfers entering UCB since summer 2011


Due to this, if the students have good TOEFL score, they are not necessarily active in university.

     As a conclusion, English proficiency tests should not be used to entrance exam of university because of some reasons. Entrance exam must be fair, so university have to think about various aspect of tests. It is a big task of education.





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